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ACULAR LS- ketorolac tromethamine solution/ drops

  1. Patient Information
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Patient Information 

Slow or Delayed Healing

Inform patients of the possibility that slow or delayed healing may occur while using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Avoiding Contamination of the Product

Instruct patients to avoid allowing the tip of the bottle to contact the eye or surrounding structures because this could cause the tip to become contaminated by common bacteria known to cause ocular infections. Serious damage to the eye and subsequent loss of vision may result from using contaminated solutions.

Also, to avoid the potential for cross-contamination, the patient should be advised to use one bottle for each eye following bilateral ocular surgery. The use of the same bottle of topical eye drops for both eyes following bilateral ocular surgery is not recommended.

Contact Lens Wear

Advise patients thatACULAR LSsolution should not be administered while wearing contact lenses.

Intercurrent Ocular Conditions

Advise patients that if they develop an intercurrent ocular condition (e.g., trauma or infection) or have ocular surgery, they should immediately seek their physician's advice concerning the continued use ofACULAR LS.

Concomitant Topical Ocular Therapy

Advise patients that if more than one topical ophthalmic medication is being used, the medicines should be administered at least 5 minutes apart.

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NDC 0023-9277-05


(ketorolac tromethamine
ophthalmic solution) 0.4%

sterileRx only

5 mL

Carton PDP
ketorolac tromethamine solution/ drops
Product Information
Product TypeHUMAN PRESCRIPTION DRUGItem Code (Source)NDC:0023-9277
Route of AdministrationOPHTHALMIC
Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient NameBasis of StrengthStrength
Ketorolac Tromethamine(UNII: 4EVE5946BQ) (Ketorolac - UNII:YZI5105V0L)Ketorolac Tromethamine4 mg in 1 mL
Inactive Ingredients
Ingredient NameStrength
edetate disodium(UNII: 7FLD91C86K)
octoxynol-40(UNII: 9T1C662FKS)
water(UNII: 059QF0KO0R)
sodium chloride(UNII: 451W47IQ8X)
benzalkonium chloride(UNII: F5UM2KM3W7)
hydrochloric acid(UNII: QTT17582CB)
sodium hydroxide(UNII: 55X04QC32I)
#Item CodePackage DescriptionMarketing Start DateMarketing End Date
1NDC:0023-9277-051 in 1 CARTON08/19/2003
15 mL in 1 BOTTLE, DROPPER; Type 0: Not a Combination Product
Marketing Information
Marketing CategoryApplication Number or Monograph CitationMarketing Start DateMarketing End Date
Labeler -Allergan, Inc. (144796497)
NameAddressID/FEIBusiness Operations
Allergan, Inc.362898611MANUFACTURE(0023-9277)

Revised: 6/2016document Id: 

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