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ALBUMINEX- albumin human solution

  1. Patient Information
  2. Manufactured By:
  3. U.s. Distributor:

Patient Information 

Ensure that patients to be treated with ALBUMINEX 25% are informed of the potential risks and benefits of its use for their clinical condition[seeWarnings and Precautions (5)].

Check that they are not known to be allergic to the product or its excipients[seeContraindications (4)andDescription (11)].

Make them aware of the symptoms of anaphylaxis[seeHypersensitivity (5.1)].

Make them aware of the symptoms of potential circulatory overload[seeHypervolemia (5.2).

Inform patients that because ALBUMINEX 25% is derived from human blood plasma it may contain infectious agents that cause disease (e.g. viruses and, theoretically CJD agent) although the risk of infection from ALBUMINEX 25% has been reduced by the procedures used in donor selection and during manufacture[seeInfectious Diseases (5.6)andDescription (11)].

Manufactured By: 

Bio Products Laboratory Ltd.,
WD6 3BX.
United Kingdom

U.s. Distributor: 

Bio Products Laboratory USA Inc.,
302 East Pettigrew Street,
Suite C-190,
Durham, NC 27701

U.S. Licence No:1811

ALBUMINEXis a registered trademark of Bio Products Laboratory Ltd.


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