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ARANESP- darbepoetin alfa injection, solutionARANESP- darbepoetin alfa solution

  1. Patient Information
  2. Inform Patients:
  3. Instruct Patients Who Self-administer Aranesp Of The:
  4. Manufactured By:

Patient Information 

Advise the patient to read the FDA-approved patient labeling (Medication GuideandInstructions for Use).

Review the steps for direct patient administration with patients and caregivers. Training should aim to ensure that patients and caregivers can successfully perform all of the steps in the Instructions for Use of Aranesp prefilled syringe, including showing the patient or caregiver how to measure the required dose, particularly if a patient is on a dose other than the entire prefilled syringe. If a patient or caregiver is not able to demonstrate that they can measure the dose and administer the product successfully, you should consider whether the patient is an appropriate candidate for self-administration of Aranesp or whether the patient would benefit from a different Aranesp presentation.

Inform Patients: 

  • Of the increased risks of mortality, serious cardiovascular reactions, thromboembolic reactions, stroke, and tumor progression[see Warnings and Precautions (5.1and5.2)].
  • To undergo regular blood pressure monitoring, adhere to prescribed anti-hypertensive regimen and follow recommended dietary restrictions.
  • To contact their healthcare provider for new-onset neurologic symptoms or change in seizure frequency.
  • Of the need to have regular laboratory tests for hemoglobin.

Instruct Patients Who Self-administer Aranesp Of The: 

  • Importance of following the Instructions for Use.
  • Dangers of reusing needles, syringes, or unused portions of single-dose vials.
  • Proper disposal of used syringes, needles, and unused vials, and of the full container.
  • Importance of informing healthcare provider if difficulty occurs when measuring or administering partial doses from the Aranesp prefilled syringe. If difficulty occurs, use of other syringes or Aranesp vial may be considered.

Aranesp(darbepoetin alfa)

Manufactured By: 

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