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BESIVANCE- besifloxacin suspension

  1. Patient Information
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Patient Information 

Handling the Container

Advise patients to avoid contaminating the applicator tip with material from the eye, fingers or other source.

Use with Contact Lenses

Advise patients not to wear contact lenses if they have signs or symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis or during the course of therapy with BESIVANCE.

Dosing Instructions

Patients should be instructed to invert closed bottle (upside down) and shake once before each use.

Distributed By: 

Bausch + Lomb, a division of

Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC

Bridgewater, NJ 08807 USA

U.S. Patent Numbers: 6,685,958; 6,699,492; 8,415,342; 8,481,526; 8,604,020 and 8,937,062

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