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CARTICEL- autologous cultured chondrocytes implant

Patient Information

Patients receiving autologous cultured chondrocytes for treatment of an articular cartilage defect should receive the following information and instructions.

  • Physical activity should be resumed according to the rehabilitation plan recommended by the physician. Generally, protected weight bearing is recommended for the first 6 to 8 weeks following implantation. The patient should receive specific instructions on crutch use, ambulation and weight bearing advancement on the treated limb.
  • If pain starts to develop as the next level of activity is increased, decrease activity to the former level until the pain resolves.
  • If exercise causes pain and/or swelling, reduce the amount of physical activity.
  • Swelling should be controlled using ice packs.
  • Patient adherence to the prescribed rehabilitation program is important and activity at variance from the rehabilitation program may compromise clinical benefit from Carticel.
  • At anytime during the rehabilitation process or after, if sharp pain with locking or swelling is experienced, contact the physician for medical advice.

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