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CLINOLIPID- olive oil and soybean oil injection, emulsion

  1. Patient Information
  2. Inform Patients Of The Following:
  3. Should Patients Self-administer Clinolipid At Home, Patients Should Also Be Instructed To:

Patient Information 

To ensure the safe and effective use of CLINOLIPID, this information should be discussed with the patient.

Inform Patients Of The Following: 

Deaths in preterm infants after infusion of intravenous lipid emulsions such as CLINOLIPID have been reported.
CLINOLIPID is given by infusion through a central or peripheral vein.
Laboratory monitoring throughout treatment may be necessary.
Allergic reactions to the lipid emulsion may occur.
Risk of infection and sepsis associated with formulations administered intravenously.
Fat overload syndrome can be caused by accumulation of fat in tissues, which may result in adverse effects.
CLINOLIPID may cause adverse reactions such as nausea and vomiting, excess fat (lipids) in the blood, high blood sugar, low levels of protein in the blood and abnormal liver function tests.

Should Patients Self-administer Clinolipid At Home, Patients Should Also Be Instructed To: 

Do not deviate from the administration instructions given by the health provider.
Inspect the bag visually for particulate matter and if the lipid emulsion is an evenly distributed liquid with a milky appearance with no visible oil droplets at the surface prior to administration.
Ensure that there is a 1.2 micron in-line filter in place prior to and during administration.
Inform their physicians about any changes in prescription or over-the-counter medications and supplements.
Have periodic laboratory tests and routinely follow up with their healthcare provider.
Any remaining product from partially used bag must be discarded.
Contact their healthcare provider should any signs of injection site infection, inflammation extending from the injection site, or new-onset allergic reaction appear.

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