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Manufactured For: 

Accord Healthcare, Inc.,
1009 Slater Road,
Suite 210-B,
Durham, NC 27703,

Manufactured By: 

Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited,
Ahmedabad -380 054, India.

10 1677 1 679225

Issued November 2017

Patient Information 

17.1 Information for Patients

Inform patients about the importance of adherence to dietary instructions, of a regular exercise program, and of regular testing of blood glucose.

Inform patients about the potential side effects of glimepiride including hypoglycemia and weight gain.

Explain the symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia as well as conditions that predispose to hypoglycemia. Patients should be informed that the ability to concentrate and react may be impaired as a result of hypoglycemia. This may present a risk in situations where these abilities are especially important, such as driving or operating other machinery.

Patients with diabetes should be advised to inform their healthcare provider if they are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy, breastfeeding, or contemplating breastfeeding.

Rx Only

Manufactured and Distributed by:
Carlsbad Technology, Inc.
5923 Balfour Court,
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Revised 11/2013
CTI-16 Rev. D

Repackaged by:
Aidarex Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Corona, CA 92280

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